Vibration Absorber


* To fit copper tubing from 3/8 through 3-1/8 inches O.D.
* Each unit pressure and vacuum tested, cleaned, dehydrated and sealed in plastic film
* U.L. and C.S.A. approved

Packless vibration absorbers are designed for installation in the suction and discharge lines of air conditioning and refrigeration system to dampen the transmission of compressor-induced vibration through system piping.

Packless vibration absorbers are constructed of deep pitch corrugated tubing in brass or stainless steel for increased flexibility and vibration absorption, covered with high tensile bronze or stainless steel wire braid for superior strength. The vibration absorbers have female copper end connections for making sweat connections to refrigerant piping.

Each absorber is pressure tested then carefully vacuum tested using a highly sensitive helium mass spectrometer leak detection device. Units are cleaned, dehydrated and sealed in plastic film after final inspection to maintain cleanliness and dryness prior to installation. These are available either in bulk or individually boxed.

Packless Vibration Absorbers are compatible with all HFC, HCFC and CFC refrigerants. The stainless steel models, VAFS-3 through VAFS-11, are electrically welded with no braze joints to achieve the higher working pressures set by today’s industry standards.

Installation : vibration-absorbers-installation