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Copper Pipes & Fittings

Company Overview

Mueller Industries, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of copper tube and fittings; brass and copper alloy rod, bar and shapes; aluminum and brass forgings; aluminum and copper impact extrusions; plastic fittings, pipe and valves; refrigeration valves and fittings; and fabricated tubular products. Operations are located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Great Britain.

Mueller Industries, Inc. is a multi-billion dollar revenue company that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (MLI). The company provides wholesalers, retail distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) around the world with one of the broadest offerings of flow control and industrial products from a single source. Since beginning in 1917 in Port Huron, Michigan, as Mueller Metals Company, and later Mueller Brass Company, the organization has built a well-earned reputation for producing the finest quality products in the industry – and have excelled in the development of new products and innovative manufacturing processes.

Constantly looking for opportunities to grow and expand product offerings, whether through capital improvements or acquisitions, Mueller Industries, Inc. aggressively reinvests in manufacturing operations and other disciplines to strengthen competitive position. Over the years and continuing to the present, the company has completed several acquisitions that significantly strengthened and expanded core businesses with a wide array of complementary new products. Today, more than ever, customers can look to Mueller Industries’ brands to fulfill their changing and expanding needs.

Offering a wide selection of products and sophisticated production capabilities is just the beginning. The commitment to customers is seen company-wide from a seasoned team of factory sales representatives and agents that receive extensive training to superior customer service strengthened by an integrated service center that allows the same representative to support each customer from order entry through fulfillment to a network of strategically located distribution facilities to ensure that products take the most direct route from manufacturing to customer delivery. With the continuous reinvestment in equipment, products, and most importantly people, Mueller Industries, Inc. is prepared to meet the needs of a growing family of customers more than at any time in the company’s proud history.

Whether you are a long-standing, loyal customer, or someone who is visiting us for the very first time, welcome to Mueller Industries, Inc.
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