Al Taqa Al Qeswa, is totally committed with the environment and the sustainable development. It is outstanding by the energetic efficiency of its products and by offering alternatives for the use of refrigerant gases that don’t damage the environment. Every year, we achieve its targets in relation to the use of natural resources, especially in terms of water re-utilization and the reduction of waste, as well as recycling.

When people are organized, they are more productive. Organization and storage products for nearly every environment, helping people live and work smarter, safer, faster and more comfortably. In today’s global economy, manufacturers are faced with intense pressure to improve their operations with increasing competition and the challenge to produce better, faster and cheaper, businesses of all sizes are searching for partners who understand these demands and have the technology and expertise to deliver.

One – third of replaced compressors actually have nothing wrong with them. Improved diagnostics accuracy can save you and your customer’s significant time and money. Not to mention reduced call backs and faster customer service.

We are committed to being the preferred provider of cooling solutions, through the continuous contribution to a better quality of life.

Al Taqa Al Qeswa Management is based on the principles of social responsibility and on the practice of the Organization’s Values and is further based on the continuous improvement to Quality. The Environment – including prevention of pollution and minimum use of natural resources as well as hazardous substances control. Safety and Occupational Health – including the prevention of work accidents and work related illnesses, fulfilling current regulation and other requirements.

Al Taqa Al Qeswa compressors lead the way in efficient use of energy, and are constantly developed to set the benchmark even higher. Today, the compressors we use are compared to models delivering the same refrigeration capacity two decades ago.

Today Al Taqa Al Qeswa offers all its product range manufactured worldwide in CFC-free versions, and supports its customers to develop environment friendly refrigeration systems.

Al Taqa Al Qeswa has been recognized with an official certificate for the pioneer accomplishments in the preservation of the ozone layer.



Al Taqa Al Qeswa technology development ensures that our products always present the best performance in the refrigeration industry.

Al Taqa Al Qeswa not only delivers the leading edge in hermetic compressors, but also teams up with its customers to develop and improve refrigeration systems that are more and more energy efficient, quiet and environment friendly.



People at Al Taqa Al Qeswa are the main secret of our success.

This is not merely a statement but an everyday practice. When selecting individuals to join the team, as well as in the personal development of existing members, Al Taqa Al Qeswa strives to ensure that respect for diversities in cultures and opinions becomes a springboard to a successful career.

In seeking the best each individual has to offer, Al Taqa Al Qeswa offers adequate recompense, in line with the best practices in the market, and a wide range of benefits, always taking the reality and customs of the countries where we are active into consideration.

Personnel management at Al Taqa Al Qeswa means offering opportunities that contribute to their personal fulfillment as individuals, as well as professionals, development of skills and capabilities and, above all else, their commitment to the Mission, the Vision and the practice of the organization’s Values.